Samurai Rebellion

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Welcome to Samurai-Rebellion, all of our fellows! This TD game is the wise choice for those who desire to be a talented commander. Sounds attractive, huh? Let's see how's your leading skill in here? Time to start!In here, the players are in charge of controlling the Red army. What do you have to deal with? Well, it's better to make use of 2 major units, they're Bowmen and Spearmen. For every stage, you just need to drag and put them near to their banner's position. Those warriors will approach and attack the opposite warriors automatically. However, the major target here is to burn the enemies' flag. Remember that you're only allowed to move to the next round if you complete the current stage perfectly. Use the required number of samurais wisely and strategic; otherwise, there's no one to carry on the battle. Continue playing to unlock more powerful samurais.So, want to play it right now? Let's conquer Samurai-Rebellion and achieve the win!

How to play

The game is chiefly played with the mouse.