Sentry Knight 2

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Sentry Knight 2 is considered the saga of Sentry Knight – a strategy & adventure game relevant to a courageous knight whose responsibility is to protect the king's castle from loads of dangerous monsters. He is now on the way to reach the kingdom and face up to each type of these enemies. Get ready to support this main character in the fierce combat? Here we are!It's easy to realize that he's automatically shooting arrows; hence, your main task is to accurately aim his bow at the incoming hostiles to death. Further, some skills can also be utilized if they are too crowded. Along the way, you should also consider snatching all the coins which are released from their death.There is no reason to refuse the cool playfield of Sentry Knight 2 and become the hero of the land, dear players!

How to play

How to play

Launch skills: The 1-7 number keys. Aim and interact: The left mouse.