Sentry Knight Conquest

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Want to immerse into a TD genre? Then, Sentry Knight Conquest becomes a stunning choice. If your dream is to explore and conquer the world, don't be hesitant to make friend with the character here – a knight! Yes, he shares the same dream with you, guys! Let's go!There are two important tasks to fulfill! The first is to support the protagonist in overcoming many challenges ahead! Next, smartly protect him from all dangers. On the way to discovering a few territories of the game map, you also should control him to beat up monsters to death with the provided sword in his hand. When everything is well done, nimbly maneuver the knight to the Inventory where he himself is strengthened with a lot of empowering power-ups. It is highly advisable to save other pets that can assist him in fighting against the stronger monsters!What do you feel? Do you experience a role as a knight when having an access to Sentry Knight Conquest? Good luck!

How to play

How to play

The left mouse: Shoot. The ASDW keys: Walk around everywhere.