Sentry Knight

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Want to experience something thrilling and intense? Step to Sentry Knight to take part in a fierce battle between a brave hero and a bunch of aggressive goblins. No time for wasting!Entering the main screen, the players will be in charge of assisting a knight. He's fighting all alone to protect the Kingdom from the enemies' invasion. Before he gives up as running out of energy, you must give him a helpful hand. Use your aiming skill to support the Knight to shoot towards all the incoming goblins. Keep in mind that they are crowded, so you must perform the task quickly before everything goes out of control, ok? When defeating the enemies well, players can add a couple of coins to the budget or receive special powers to attack the invaders efficiently.Will the Knight conquer all the enemies? Don't be hesitant to access to Sentry Knight and see the final result!

How to play

The mouse is to aim. 1-5 keys are to avail the special powers.