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It’s time to do bidding of the Queen of Shadows! Gathering loot, gambling, and leveling up in the action adventure RPG are what Shadowless wants you to do! Don’t forget to kill monsters and meet the Queen of Shadows! Slay Queen’s minions by using your big sword and bow in this action platformer game.Today, you role-play a wanderer without a shadow. Although no memories of the past pop up in mind, you have realized that the Queen of Shadows does take your shadow. Feel curious about the truth about you and your shadow? Just fight against the Queen’s minions and encounter the Queen of Shadow herself! Remember to collect money during the battle!What are you waiting for? Let Shadowless stimulate your engagement right now! Hope that you have an exciting moment!

How to play

Move with the left, right, down and up arrow keys. Other keys are used to control the game.