Shape Fold Animals

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Feel tired of old jigsaw puzzle? Let's bring the art of Origami to life by landing on Shape Fold Animals! Literally, the blend of Origami and jigsaws is trusted to really put your brain to the test. Here we come!There are 60 levels included. The gameplay simply requires a bit of jigsaw puzzle skills and a bit of physics skills. Without containing any hassles, it also dazzles every player by one unique feature: All the levels are not time bound. What does it mean? To put it simply, they have enough time to find out the right moves. The main objective in each level is to position all the pieces in a correct way so that the shapes of the different types of animals will be nicely formed.Amazingly, elders have permission to enjoy Shape Fold Animals for the sake of fun while children are able to play and exercise their brain.

How to play

The mouse is held to conquer every level of the game.