Sky Quest

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It's time to enter Sky Quest now! Why? A hero is in need of your big help as he's now getting stuck. Come to the game to find the story behind it!In fact, his boat has just encountered danger – different monsters with horrible looks from the sky. No matter how hard he tries to counter attack these creatures, it's not easy for him to win a victory solely. The reason here is that they're too crowded. See! The main character flies in the air to deal with the foes moving from different directions and automatically shoot bombs. Consequently, what you must do is to cleverly & smartly steer him in order to precisely give these shots at the targets. More important than that, the rivals are very intelligent & nimble to release their weapons and break the boat. Thus, attempt to knock them out before it's too late. Plus, don't forget to buy upgrades after the first success.If you're confident of giving this hero a hand, enter Sky Quest now! Good luck to you all!

How to play

The game is wholly enjoyed by the left mouse.