Slimey’s Quest

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Slimey's Quest describes a thrilling but fascinating adventure of a little critter! Get ready to become his companion, and then unveil a lot of mysteries here? Here we go!Although the whole game is simple, it still brings players much fun, joy, and interest. The truth is that the critter has got lost in this mysterious place, and he found it hopeless to see the exit. Of course, you must lend him a hand! Remember that everything just appears whenever players push the Red button. What you must do here is to guide the little creature how to jump on the platforms one by one. Once the button is pressed, another scene will surely show up. To proceed to the next challenge, he should deal with the current ones flawlessly. Continue fulfilling the task until you see the escape way.Let us know how talented you are by savoring Slimey's Quest instantly!

How to play

The arrow keys are availed to walk around. The Spacebar is pressed to jump.