Speed Miner

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Speed Miner is an attractive game about a terrific adventure of a miner in a dark cave. In order to go deeply the cave, this main character has to demolish colored blocks that prevent his way. However, this seems to be a challenging task for him because these obstacles are too big. He needs your help to do everything easier. Here we come!What you must do, at present, is to press the corresponding arrow keys just like the ones he stands on so that all of the colored blocks are removed from the cave. There are also a lot of awesome levels during the game, and each one requires you to complete it within a suggested time. Remember that TNT blocks should be exploded by making use of the Shift key.Speed Miner is trusted to bring you a new breath. Thus, don’t miss it and good luck!

How to play

The arrow keys: Demolish the colored blocks. The Shift key: Activate TNT.