Spiderman Iron Spider

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In Spiderman Iron Spider , our hero needs to fulfill a significant duty perfectly. Are you ready to show him your unlimited support? Ok, let's enjoy this addicting action game immediately!

Right after landing on the playing field, the players will be brought to a place full of dangerous creatures. Here, the ultimate target is to help the Spiderman confront them and sneak into the enemies' base to look for and take the Spider armor back. With that equipment, he can own some spectacular and incredible abilities to smash the hostiles quickly. Along the way, guide your hero to perform some clever skills in the proper time to attain the best result throughout the game. At the same time, watch out all the fierce counter-attacks; otherwise, the Spiderman will die soon. And, never let him fall into traps as well.

Play Spiderman Iron Spider to knock out the enemies as well as accomplishing the mission, here we go!

How to play

Move: the arrow keys.
Take action: C and X.