Stick War 2

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Get hurried to turn back to the Stickman world, guys! Play Stick War 2 to continue becoming the Black Stickmen's commander and guide them in the struggle against conquerors! It's amazing! Start up now!The first job a commander must do is to recruit some workers to mine gold and increase the fund. Later, spend this fund on 2 activities. First of all, hire stickman warriors and lead them to the battlefield to attack the rivals. Let's group many warrior units to boost the fighting ability of the home troop. Second, buy necessary upgrades, weapons, equipment items, power-ups and boosts so as to strengthen each of the units. Try to bring back the victory in this fierce war. Stick War 2 should be unearthed because lots of interesting features about the war between stickmen are put here. Don't hesitate anymore! Embark on the fight now!

How to play

Use the left mouse to play Stick War 2.