Straw Hat Samurai Duels

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If you're in need of a stimulating action game, Straw Hat Samurai: Duels is one of our best-loved recommendations! Wow, its eye-catching graphics, magnetic performances, and gripping traits, are all waiting to be uncovered!Role-playing a courageous and excellent samurai is the first mission to consider. The main target he must deal with is to slaughter all the opponents who fight against and block his way. Just take a sword to fulfill this intimidating task right now! How to kill any rival? Exactly use the sword to draw a straight line so that they will be sliced. A lot of precious rewards are yours if you resoundingly win the victory in each level. The Green Bar also shows off your Health, so frequently check its degree! During the higher stages, don't forget to upgrade the samurai to hone his skill and ability.Well, slaying all the aggressive ninjas is what Straw Hat Samurai: Duels wants you to remember! Good luck!

How to play

Play the fighting game type by the mouse only.