Sugar Sugar 2

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As a puzzle game, Sugar, Sugar 2 surely stimulates your brain a little. Wish to get self challenged through various tricky rounds? Tap the Start button right now!During the game, players are required to fill the cup (in random areas) with a certain amount of sugar in every stage. Do you see the sugar dropping down from the top? It's time to think how to let the sugar enter the cup efficiently. Just cleverly and accurately draw a line to the cup. At that time, the sugar will follow this line, and then perfectly go straight into the teacup. Keep playing to determine your intelligence. Of course, players are all dazzled by the simple but irresistible game. Once players face the orange, red, or green cup, keep in mind that the white sugar will go through the color purifier.Just play Sugar, Sugar 2 and find its charm on your own! Have much fun!

How to play

Only the mouse is availed to draw the line.