Sugar sugar 3

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Are you confident of showing off your intelligent solutions to lots of the puzzles given by Sugar, sugar 3? But the task is never as easy as your expectation! Just experience and you can realize this! Time to let your brain truly work! Play for fun!About 30 levels are included in the game, and the core target of each one is to draw the excellent lines which can lead such the sugar flow to the available cups. Sounds simple! Don't be tricked! Of course, the current stage is only accomplished right after all the provided cups are filled with sugar. Along the way of the sugar flow, it is better to watch out for other items and objects, too! While filling the cups with sugar, players have permission to find other wise ways to evade them.So, how do you feel? Can you keep all the puzzles of Sugar, sugar 3 under control? Let us see your confidence and performances by starting the first level! Happy playing!

How to play

Savor the game with only the left mouse.