Sugar Sugar

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Here comes Sugar, Sugar – a game that will stimulate your brain through different tricky levels. Be ready to challenge yourself? Please hit Start key and show us what you've got!In this sweet puzzle game, the main objective for the players is to fill the cup with a prescribed amount of sugar in each level. The sugar will drop down from the top. Your task is to find a way to let the sugar enter the cup's position. How to do that? Easy! Use the mouse to draw a line quickly and accurately. When you do that, the sugar will follow that line and come into the cup perfectly. Each level with different challenges, players will surely be amazed with this simple game. Remember that white sugar can't go straight into the red cup or green cup; they have to go through the color purifier.Got it? Have enough confident to overcome all the levels in Sugar, Sugar ? Good luck!

How to play

To draw a line, use the mouse as the main tool.