Super Mario Bros Crossover

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Super Mario Crossover is another adventure of Mario – a plumber man. Become his companion and tell us what you're thinking now!As a cool blend of fighting and adventure genre, the game asks its players to role-play one hero of their dream among the available characters (Mario, Link, Bill, and so on). Next, lead the fighter towards the Mushroom Kingdom – the main arena. What for? Please guide him how to handle each puzzle in the dangerous land skillfully. Take advantage of special powers and weapons to beat up all monsters. It's worth noticing that every hero has their own stunning ability! Pick up coins scattered on the path to gain high score!Don't miss a chance to enjoy Super Mario Crossover. Hope that you shall have a memorable time!

How to play

WASD keys: Control the character. Z key: Jump. X key: Take action. S key: Boost the special skill.