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Blow your mind with a Minecraft-inspired platform game, namely SuperCraft, players! What is more interesting here is its story. It is about a superhero who falls in love thrilling adventures. Once realizing that the Minecraft world is now under siege of a group of dangerous zombies and creepers, he decides to save it, of course, with your great help! Get ready? Come on!At first, make sure to keep Steve in balance in the sky with the mouse before starting the battle. The reason is that this is a fight on air. Secondly, guide the hero how to aim and shoot at all of the flying enemies. Do best to do two these tasks at the same time so that he does not drop while still winning a victory. Otherwise, the game is over right now! The more enemies are being shot to death, the higher scores and greater bonuses you can gain soon.So, what do you think? It is hard to say NO to SuperCraft, right? Hope that you will succeed.

How to play

Fly with mouse. Shoot with spacebar key.