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Don't be hesitant to begin Superfighters – a fierce shooting game, all gun-fighters! Be a member a mysterious organization and sacrifice yourself to all the battles here. No time for waiting!This game is an amazing opportunity to enhance your fighting ability. Role-play a spy and perform all the secret challenges here. Firstly, let's control him to walk around the maze to look for aggressive bodyguards. Take the gun to slay all of the enemies. Keep in mind that they can hide behind different places and barriers. Oh, please be careful of their sudden attacks to preserve your character's life. Express basic steps in fighting, such as punch, throw, shoot, or kick. In the beginning, players will receive a Tutorial to master some efficient ways to knock out the enemies quickly. Moreover, remember to purchase advanced weapons from the shop.Become the best spy and the best sharpshooter in Superfighters, ok? Wish you succeed!

How to play

WASD/arrow keys are to control the character. 1234 or MN keys are to attack.