Tap Heroes

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Those, who're familiar with Clicker Heroes, will find it joyful to engage in Tap Heroes! As an idle-click genre, the game definitely gives players a new experience. Just hit the Start button to play now!It's a need to role-play a warrior, who's ready to help the locals in the village confront all horrifying monsters. How? Very simple! You're advised to tap on every creature non-stop so as to eliminate them from playing field. Follow the Health bar of both your hero and the monsters to master the current situation. Whether to refill his power or assault the foes, it's up to you, remember! With a large number of killed enemies, players will earn more coins to buy useful items & upgrades. Wander around to unlock other regions of the map while recruiting heroes as many as possible.That's all! Tap Heroes is worth a try, right? Good luck to you!

How to play

Simply control the mouse to enjoy the game.