Ten Second War

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What comes up to your mind when it comes to Ten Second War? As its name says, you have only 10 seconds to eradicate all the opponents in the strategic top-down shooter game. Luckily, you're able to rewind time so as to micromanage the war.Individually control each troop for up to ten seconds, and then rewind the time duration in order to give all the units your detailed instructions. Through this way, your home troops will release a coordinated attack as well as destroy all the rivals in just a few seconds. Of course, moving constantly may help you dodge any enemy bullets while rockets request you to take advantage of special weapons (i.e. bombs, stealthed units, and shields) with the aim of safely slaughtering them.Even though a unit fails, you are still able to continue giving it instructions. How amazing, right? Happy time with Ten Second War!

How to play

Only the mouse is clicked to select a unit and shoot. WASD keys are used to move.