Tequila Zombie

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Know what? The most horrible creatures have returned via Tequila Zombie – a zombie game. Crave to show off your talents now? Come on!Landing on the main screen, players shall be led towards a town where lots of the zombies are settling. Don't let them stay there, since they will kill innocent people. Luckily, John, a brave man, decides to defeat such the bloodthirsty creatures. It's a must to guide him how to avail weapons for shooting at the foes. At first, he'll be given a sharp machete. Please utilize it to assault the incoming undead. Try to be careful, as they are highly crowded and may counter-attack John. Don't forget to grasp all of the falling boxes to achieve great supports, like health potions, weapon, money, etc. It is also a necessity of activating the Tequila's special power.Finally, land on Tequila Zombie to win the best result! Much fun!

How to play

Guide John: The AD or left/right arrow keys. Attack the zombies: The Spacebar or up arrow key.