The Enchanted Cave 2

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If you're an energetic explorer, don't mind challenging yourself to The Enchanted Cave 2! Believe it or not, the game depicts the next expedition of Peter. That's why he is calling for your support so that he's able to overcome all dangers ahead! Come on!Today, this brave man is well prepared himself to start unearthing an enchanted cave. There is no doubt that searching for the cave's entrance is a little intimidating! It is better to talk with citizens around so as to avoid any silly mistakes. After deeply entering the cave, every player must help him move everywhere to find something mysterious. Along the way, Peter may also confront hordes of aggressive creatures. Slaughter them all by the given weapons and keep exploring, guys! While picking up stat gems, artifacts, etc., you're also advised to visit the Magic Tree for special assistance. Consider protecting his life by crafting weapons!Be careful in any case! Have a nice moment during The Enchanted Cave 2!

How to play

Walk by the WASD keys. Control the game by the mouse.