The Green Kingdom

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Dear players, you're in combat against the neighbor kingdom as they're planning to launch attacks on you. That's why you should prepare a smart strategy and assault them before it's too late. Please land on The Green Kingdom and give your effective ways right now!Just keep the ultimate goal in mind: That is to protect your castle while devastating the enemy fortifications. How? It is time to build structures on your own land as well as expand your footprint with new construction. Further, every player also needs a mine to get gold, barracks to create troops and towers to defend from the enemy. Don't forget to maneuver the home troops by drawing lines to the opposing forts. Please run through the guidelines to get familiar with all the options and check whether you make it through the levels or not.What do you feel, guys? The Green Kingdom is totally excellent cool with a few nicely drawn graphics. Try best!

How to play

Only the mouse is pressed to deal with the entrusted tasks.