The Last Samurai

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What to do to survive if you are the final samurai in the globe? The Last Samurai is the ideal zone to practice and prove your true ability! Get ready for challenges ahead? Go with us now!Protecting yourself is the most essential task when playing this action packed game, as everything within the environment seems destructible. Make use of your weapons (shurikans and grenades) to slaughter all the red ninjas who pop up throughout each level. Meanwhile, gather scrolls as many as possible throughout the stage before exiting through the temple gate. While exploring the world, it is better to watch out for enemies. If you're killed, the game is over.Let us see your spectacular and exquisite performances during The Last Samurai! Good luck!

How to play

Move by The WASD or Arrow keys. Shoot by The K, Spacebar, or Left mouse. Set bombs by The L, X, or Right mouse.