The Power Of Love

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The princess, namely Flora, has been kidnapped by an evil king who locked her in the scary castle. You are a brave knight – her beloved, remember. Time to prove that nothing is stronger than The Power Of Love, please! You are assigned to annoy the angry king. Get ready to take action? Here we go!What to do now? The main job at present is to bash the King's castle. Once beating the walls, the coins will also drop down automatically. Consider picking up them all to upgrade your slamming weapon for better and more enhanced. Then, pay a visit to the Shop to buy anything you are in need of. Just show the princess how much she means to you!Whether your mate can be nicely rescued or not, it heavily depends on your dexterity and tactics! Good luck to every player of The Power Of Love!

How to play

Only the mouse is managed to guide the Knight.