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In a tranquil farm, Tom is said to be a naughty boy, who always disturbs anyone around him. That's why his old neighbor is really hateful to him. Once day, he steals the man's apples and is suddenly detected! So, the chase begins. Please engage in Tombik to help him avoid being caught by the old guy right now, dear players! He must go through a lot of tough tracks on the farm. It is clear that plenty of obstacles are waiting for him ahead. Let's go!The most important task players must do is to navigate the little boy in a skillful way that he can leap all the obstructions along the tracks (cows, rocks, crates, dummies, sheep, bicycles, and so on). It's worth pointing out that the carts will surely roll towards him while he's moving on the bridges. Plus, be careful of his movement and observe his surroundings to avoid any danger during the chase.Get ready? Start fleeing from the old neighbor within Tombik now!

How to play

The left mouse is hit for special. The arrow keys are pressed to move & jump.