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Transformice is considered a multiplayer platform game where a lot of funny elements make the game more interesting. At that time, you role-play a mouse whose mission is to get the cheese and bring it back to the mouse hole. Get ready? Come here!To do this, the mice community must try to work and help each other. But, overzealous players who try to reach the cheese ahead of others can cause dangers for other mice by putting them in difficult situations. On some levels, the mice community is able to transform themselves into planks and boxes as well as help others get over obstacles. Yet, this strategy depends on the assumption that some players choose to quit getting the cheese on that level. There also comes with another variation of the game. When one player is appointed as shaman, his objective is to assist other mice in getting the cheese by supplying means to overcome these obstacles.Hey, lots of fun things are waiting for your discovery in Transformice? Enjoy!

How to play

Move with the arrow keys or ASDW keys. Jump with Up or W key.