Transmorpher 3

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Transmorpher 3 impresses every player with a lot of absorbing traits for sure! The game's story is all about a journey of a small critter, called Blob. He makes a discovery through a secret facility. Want to become his companion? Go now!30 levels are included in the fascinating game. Each one is especially designed with different and eye-catching graphics as well as a specific challenge. Players are tasked with maneuvering Blob to the exit portal once helping him to get through all the dangers and obstacles ahead, such as rocks, bats, blocks, planks, etc. Knowing how to get a few tools scattered everywhere activated is truly beneficial. Occasionally, while moving along the pathways, don't forget to gather his friends to ask for their support.Time to embark on the first challenge of Transmorpher 3! Let us see your smart solutions to complete every level resoundingly. Here we go!

How to play

The game is controlled by using the left mouse.