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Hey, did you know that many terrific & cliffhanging traits are waiting for self-exploration in Trimps? Don't hesitate to accompany us to the game board with great joy. Here we are!Like other original Idle Games, what you should consider at present is to fill the budget with money by clicking the offered object non-stop. The must-do activity is to help your villagers have a better life! First of all, try to hunt for food as well as chop wood to store resources. Then, set up barns for the locals. Don't forget to place traps, too! It is better to regularly check the traps to see whether or not there is anything stuck here. While hiring employees, you should consider supplying them with food and house so that they can help to perform all the jobs smoothly. In addition, equip them with weapons and armors to defeat the upcoming hostiles.Wish you luck and cheerful with Trimps!

How to play

Only your mouse is clicked play the game.