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Hey, refresh your new day by a wonderful gameplay packed with lots of gripping traits and a charming content now! What we want to mention is Trinitas! Follow us to learn more information about how to play it!How horrible! Your kingdom is now surrounded by a swarm of skeletons, knights, and orcs. Rudely, they just aim to eradicate it totally. Hey, listen to us! Defending it from the fierce devastation of those aggressive enemies is the most urgent task, right? Just accurately aim at these targets, your protagonist then automatically shoots arrows at them. Later, it is wiser to make deals on needful upgrades as well as unlock other talents that can assist you in defeating the crowded wave of the opponents more easily and effectively.Well, don't let us disappointed and unhappy by your final performances. Try best to have your talent manifested in Trinitas!

How to play

The mouse: Aim. The keys from 1 to 4: Cast spells. The P key: Pause the game.