Twin Cat Warrior 2

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Guys! Let's enjoy the awesomeness from Twin Cat Warrior 2 instantly! Today, the King has demanded them to travel to a dangerous dungeon in the Ice Kingdom. Will they take on this mission? Let's see!It's not surprising at all when twin cats are considered as the wisest and strongest warriors in the kitty world. That's why they can't let the King disappointed! Hurry to take control of and instruct both of them to rescue all the miserable animals in that dark cave. Actually, it's not a simple task because the way lead to that place is covered with snow. Time to show your amazing skills and cleverness! This challenging puzzle game includes 40 levels, and the point here is to guide the cats to reaching the finish line at the top of the platform. Don't forget to activate tools to free the way and grab all of the coins to gain a high score, guys!Hope you all will enjoy each of incredible moments in Twin Cat Warrior 2 ! Play it!

How to play

To control the cats, use the WASD and arrow keys.