Ultimatrix Unleashed

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You'll surely regret if skipping the playfield of Ultimatrix Unleashed – a fighting game inspired by Ben 10. Have ever watched multiple fascinating and thrilling expeditions of Ben on TV? Then, players are possibly expecting a chance to become his companion, right? Don't mind getting involved in the playfield to set about a brand-new journey, dear guys!

Right after pressing the Begin button, it is possible to see that Ben is controlling the watch-like device to turn himself into a weird critter. Your main duty is to steer this protagonist around the facility to solve anyone who steals each part of his spaceship. Be smart and swift-handed to defeat all such the opponents while trying to avoid their violent assaults. Never let his energy run out, or he dies soon.

Good luck to you in Ultimatrix Unleashed!

How to play

Go around with the arrow keys.
Attack with the Z key.
Jump with the X key.
Launch special assaults with the spacebar while changing something with the C key.