War Heroes

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Hi, what do you think if we provide you with an imposing TD genre, called war heroes? Feel joyful and easeful to role-play a talented leader whose mission is to protect his bastion from the fierce attacks of the enemies! Come on!What the leader must take into consideration is to recruit as many defenders as possible since they can do an important job of stopping the opposing invasion. Barrack, Grenade Defenders, Watch Tower, and Machine Gun are the four options to consider. Spend the given cash on such the protective units, please! Then, logically arrange them along the road, and they automatically release attacks on the opponents once detecting their shadow! It is equally vital to consider upgrading troops and buying efficient items for the upcoming combats. To get all the glory, nothing is greater than making use of "Special."Just enjoy war heroes and you feel addicted. Try best and have a fun moment!

How to play

Control everything by the mouse.