Witch Hunt

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Lots of online players have been truly engrossed with a shooting game featured by a fun and entertaining story. And Witch Hunt is exactly what we want to mention! Let us become your guide in this adventure! Here we are!The in-game target mainly revolves around helping a pretty and nimble Witch prevent hordes of goblins from stealing her mysterious crystal. First, guide her to the peak of the Ice Tower. Like other shooting versions, you should assist the main character in firing at the rivals once seeing their appearance. Because they're very crowded, it's a must to equip her with the most robust weapons, including the Blaze Rune (shooting flame orbs) and the Frost Rune (striking with icy spikes). The more goblins you eradicate, the more coins you shall gain in return. Also, make deals on upgrades to hone the shooting ability.It is time to teach such the greedy monsters a memorable lesson by landing on Witch Hunt instantly!

How to play

Shoot at the enemies by the mouse. Boost Special by the W key. Switch power by the Q key.