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So, what are mysteriously hidden in Woodclicker? We bet that the Idle Game surely makes you play non-stop, thanks to its management elements. Make no scruple to let us see how skilled you are right away!The in-game task is not too hard to fulfill, believe us! What you must handle is to continuously chop and accumulate wood as much as possible. Simply use your cursor to constantly slice the tree so as to earn money. Meanwhile, it's also important to mine the veins for raw materials, along with hiring more units to protect your region from the invasion of other enemies. Just do best to gain extra points and add them to the account so that the work will be quickly fulfilled. Other activities you should also take into consideration include building sawmills, purchasing snails, hiring a chain sawyer, etc.Have a wonderful time during the clicking version of Woodclicker, dear guys!

How to play

Walk around by the WASD keys. Fulfill the chief objectives by the mouse.