Words Warriors

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The awesome content of Words Warriors is really hard to conquer as it commands every player to deal with many difficult barriers through using the words in the text! Based on a previous prototype, the game is also blended with many other enhanced graphics and puzzles. Don't overlook it, please!The game outstandingly hits all the right notes, involving fun, strategic thinking, and reading. The arrow keys are acceptable to maneuver your chosen knight across the sentences, reading as you go. At present, every sentence is comprised of the clues about what is up ahead (for instance, about a vampire, and more.) as well as tools which help you confront the monsters and solve problems with ease. Let's see the instance here! You can select the bridge to span the gap before the protagonist falls into it. Vitally, he is not able to win right off the bat. Hence, the knight must unearth and be defeated a few times before you could figure out which words can help he succeed.Embark on the initial job now! It is about using the key to open the prison door so that an escape is nicely made! Happy time with Words Warriors!

How to play

The mouse and the arrow keys: Direct the game mode.