World’s End Chapter 2

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Don't overlook the saga of World's End, called World's End Chapter 2 because a lot of cliffhanging traits are expected to blow your socks off! Now, don't mind embarking on the travel with the former characters here!

The strategy RPG still wants its users to lend all of these protagonists a hand so that they can fulfill all the tasks well. In detail, flexibly guide Floric, Casimir, and Ysabel to escape from the hostile bastion by getting through the exit portal. More wonderfully, every hero possesses their own special skills, like making special items, throwing darts/knives, and so forth. Simply confuse the enemies by smartly and properly using them all. To get all the glory easily and quickly, nothing is greater than showing off an excellent strategy to confront such the hostiles.

World's End Chapter 2 is a tremendous choice for fighting game lovers to enjoy! Don't make us disappointed by your poor performances!

How to play

Only hold the mouse to interact with the game.