Zombie And Juliet

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As a sequel to the love story of Juliet and Romeo, Zombie and Juliet illustrates the strong will power of Juliet when she tries best to save Romeo from the death. She is small look but big determination. Let's give her a hand now!

After sipping a cup of poison, Romeo passed away. Feeling sorrowed, Juliet left a kiss on his lips with the aim of going with him to the Heaven. But, her intention is interrupted when the king of the castle, named Balthazar, appears on the scene. He claims that Romeo may be saved if she is only able to bring back the soul gem from Southern Demon Lord. It is not an easy task, especially for a weak person like her! As her guide, you must choose a weapon in the headquarters. Then, make efforts to crush down the lord of the underworld so that Romeo can be resurrected. Remember to learn magic and other skills.

The only way to prove love with her partner is to rescue him from the death. Don't leave Juliet alone. Have a fun time in Zombie and Juliet!

How to play

The AD keys or Left & Right Arrow keys: Move.
W or Up key: Jump.
K, Z, or Mouse Click: Attack.
Spacebar key: Release special attacks.