Zombie Riot

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Citizens of the Peace City are now in a state of panic as their homeland is under siege of many creepy zombies. How terrible! Nimbly land on Zombie Riot and lend them your supportive hands instantly! Remember that you are their final glimmer of hope!How to beat up such the upcoming wave of zombies crazily attacking the city? Follow our guide, please! The first job revolves around recruiting and arranging the warrior units on the pathways to stop the violent attacks of the undead. Whenever they come closely, your set defenders use "Sniper Blast", "Mega Boomerang," or "Frozen Air" to exactly shoot at their head. During the combat, it is also vital to gather as many medals as possible because they are an essential source to generate/upgrade troops and make deals on advanced items. In case of exploding a large number of zombies, activating "Skills" is a must-do activity! Expand more new areas by keeping playing!Have a delighting moment with the content of Zombie Riot! Good luck!

How to play

The zombie game is maneuvered with the left click.