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It is dangerous to know that the Minecraft world is now being attacked by hordes of zombies. As normal, Steve fights against these gruesome zombies to protect the world. Don’t hesitate to engage in ZombiesCraft and give him a hand, dear all guys!At that time, what you must do is to guide Steve to the zombies’ cave where he may detect and crush them down. A useful tip here is to observe the radar at the top of the screen to determine exactly where the enemies are. Remember that they are able to lurk behind giant rocks, blocks and other obstacles. That’s why players should be clever, careful and alert while looking for them. Plus, XP points will be also gradually gathered from their death. It is better to spend these points honing skills and statuses for Steve.Get ready to enjoy ZombiesCraft? Good luck!

How to play

Direct Steve by the WASD keys. Release assaults by the mouse.